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Welcome to the DPCS@IN3-UOC site

Distributed, Parallel and Collaborative Systems (DPCS)

The DPCS group is focused on the development and optimization of distributed and parallel systems and algorithms at different scales (small groups, clusters, or Internet). In particular, we pay special attention to peer-to-peer, shared memory, message passing computing paradigms and HPC scientific applications. In addition, we are also interested in the design of collaborative systems and applications.


Sergio Gonzalez, PhD Thesis Defense

PhD Thesis Defense, March 13, 2015


On March 13th 2015, it will take place the act of public defense of Sergio Gonzalez's PhD Thesis entitled "Applications of Biased Randomization and Simheuristic Algorithms to Arc Routing and Facility Location Problems". Directors: Dr. Angel A. Juan and Dr. Daniel Riera.

Date & Time: March, 13th, 2015, 11:00h 
Venue: William J. Mitchell room, Barcelona Growth Center (floor 7th), Roc Boronat, 117, Barcelona


Simulation or how to learn from the future

Simulation or how to learn from the future, March 19, 2015


Abstract: This seminar will provide an overview of discrete-event simulation techniques and their applications to manufacturing and logistics. It will be discussed how simulation methods allow us for modelling uncertainty in complex systems and processes, and how simulation studies can allow researchers and practitioners for “learning from the future” by analyzing complex what-if scenarios. The emerging concept of simheuristics, or how to hybridize simulation with heuristic algorithms to solve combinatorial optimization problems, will also be introduced.

Keywords: Discrete event simulation, applications in manufacturing and logistics, simheuristics.

Since October 2010, Prof. Dr. Markus Rabe is full professor for IT in Production and Logistics at the Technical University Dortmund. The focus of his department is on the development of information techniques for applications in the fields of business process engineering, factory and facility planning and supply chain management.


Operations Research in Portugal: from supply chains to home healthcare services

Operations Research in Portugal: from supply chains to home healthcare servicesg, Februray 13th, 2015

Poster Seminar

This seminar will review some of the work on Operations Research being developed at the Universidade Nova do Lisboa, including applications that range from optimization of supply chain systems to home healthcare services

Dr. Isabel Gomes


Workforce Planning with Learning and Forgetting

Workforce Planning with Learning and Forgetting, November 7, 2014


Abstract: Talk about workforce development/cross-training and task assignment models under the assumption that workers learn and forget. From a modeling point of view, learn-forget models are non-linear.

Prof. Dr. Scott E. Grasman is Professor and Department Head of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology (New York, USA). His primary research interests relate to the application of quantitative models, focusing on the design and development of supply chain and logistics networks.


PhD Thesis Defense

PhD Thesis Defense, November 6, 2014

guillem phdt

On November 6th, it will take place the act of public defense of Guillem's Cabrera PhD Thesis. Guillem is an active member fo the DPCS research group, and the title of his thesis is: "Service allocation methodologies for contributory computing environments".
Date & Time: November 6th, 2014, 12h
Venue: MediaTIC building (floor 7th), Barcelona




2013 CYTED-HAROSA International Workshop on Simulation-Optimization for Logistics & Production

2013 CYTED-HAROSA International Workshop 

on Simulation-Optimization for Logistics & Production

November 21-22, 2013 - UOC-Tibidabo, Barcelona, SPAIN 

poster thumb

Program & Speakers - Key Dates & CFA  - JOS Special Issue - Titles & abstracts - How to arrive?



2013 ICSO-HAROSA International Workshop 

on Simulation-Optimization & Internet Computing

July 10-12, 2013 - MediaTIC building, Barcelona, SPAIN 

img thumb4

Program & Speakers - Key Dates & CFA - JOS Special Issue






2012 ICSO-HAROSA European Meeting

ICSO-HAROSA European Meeting Barcelona (Spain), November 28, 2012

2012european mini






2012 CYTED-HAROSA Workshop

CYTED-HAROSA, Valparaíso(Chile), November 12-13, 2012




2012 IN3-HAROSA Workshop

IN3-HAROSA Workshop, Barcelona (Spain), June 13-15, 2012

The 2012 IN3-HAROSA Workshop on Systems Optimization & Internet Computing aims to be an open forum for disseminating recent advances in the fields of Applied Optimization, Vehicle Routing, Scheduling, System Availability, Simulation, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Hybrid Algorithms, Meta-heuristics, and other related topics.

The main goal of this workshop event is to get together members of the IN3-HAROSA KC, CTP-VERTEVALLEE, MCYT-HAROSA and CYTED-HAROSA@IB communities, as well as related partners, in order to present some of our current research activities and also to design and organize new ones for the future.

The 2012 IN3-HAROSA Workshop is an open event and the registration is free by invitation of any of the General Chairs. It will be held inside the IN3-MEDIATIC building at Barcelona, on June 13-15, 2012.

There will be several HAROSA Special Issues associated with this event:

We look forward to meet you at Barcelona!

Angel A. Juan, Alejandra Pérez-Bonilla, Daniel Riera & Joan M. Marquès

{ajuanp, aperezbon, drierat, jmarquesp}@uoc.edu

2012 IN3-HAROSA Workshop General and Local Chairs

(check on the right menu for more details on this event)



New IGI Book: "Formal Languages for Computer Simulation: Transdisciplinary Models and Applications"


Editors: Pau Fonseca i Casas

Call-for-Chapters: http://www.igi-global.com/authorseditors/authoreditorresources/callforbookchapters/callforchapterdetails.aspx?callforcontentid=07244f11-0465-467e-8531-69dfd873dc9a




CRC / Taylor & Francis Book: "Decision Making in Service Industries: A Practical Approach"

Editors: J. Faulin, A. Juan, S. Grasman & M. Fry






New IGI Book: "Collaborative and Distributed E-Research: Innovations in Technologies, Strategies and Applications"

Editors: A. Juan, T. Daradoumis, M. Roca, S. Grasman & J. Faulin




IGI Book on Math e-Learning: "Teaching Mathematics Online: Emergent Technologies and Methodologies"

Editors: A. A. Juan, M. A. Huertas, S. Trenholm, C. Steegmann






IGI Book on Hybrid Algorithms: "Hybrid Algorithms for Service, Computing and Manufacturing Systems: Routing, Scheduling and Availability Solutions"Editors: Jairo R. Montoya-Torres, Angel

A. Juan, Luisa Huaccho, Javier Faulin, Gloria Rodriguez-Verjan





2011 CYTED-HAROSA Workshop

CYTED-HAROSA, Barcelona (Spain), July 18-19, 2011

The 2011 CYTED-HAROSA Workshop & Meeting on Applied Optimization & Distributed Computing aims to be an open and international forum for disseminating recent advances in the fields of Hybrid Algorithms for solving Realistic rOuting, Scheduling and reliability/Availability problems” (HAROSA).

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