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2011 Junior Researchers Seminar

IN3-Mediatic, Barcelona (Spain), November 30, 2011

The 2011 IN3-HAROSA Junior Researchers Seminar is a meeting place for Junior Researchers working on different Computer Science and Operations Research topics. Two specific goals of this Workshop are:
  • to be a forum for the young and new researchers to introduce themselves into the HAROSA/DPCS research community;
  • to present and discuss some of their current work with other researchers.

The 2011 HAROSA Junior Researchers Seminar will be held in Barcelona, on November 30th at the IN3-Mediatic building.

2011 IN3-HAROSA participants:

* Jose Cáceres (IN3-UOC)
* Dr. Alba Agustin (Public University of Navarre, Spain)
* Dr. Daniel Lázaro (IN3-UOC)
* Esteve Verdura (IN3-UOC)
* Dr. Joan M. Marquès (IN3-UOC)
* Mariana Coccola (Universidad del Litoral, Argentina)
* Dr. Angel Juan (IN3-UOC)
* Daniel Guimarans (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain)
* Ismael García (IES Nicolau Copèrnic, Spain)
* Dr. Josep Jorba (IN3-UOC)
* Rui Rei (Universidade do Porto, Portugal)
* Dr. Luciana Pessoa (France)
* Andreia Forte (Universade Aberta, Portugal)
* Monica Elizondo (Mexico)

2011 IN3-HAROSA Seminar Photos: