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Intro to the Verte Vallée network

The VERTEVALLEE network searches to share practical and theoretical knowledge among different research groups in Spain and France located in universities belonging to European regions of the Pyrenean area.

This proposal tries to make easier to build new research projects for the CTP community or for the European Union calls. The main topic which links the research of this group of universities is the conjoint study of methods and algorithms in Transportation in a generic sense and the assessment of the environmental impact of the Transportation which crosses the Pyrenees (road or aerial transportation). That integrated study searches the design of a computer tool to evaluate many variables related to Transportation impact, being the most important variables those which are connected with environmental impact of Transportation. This is a key topic in the international relationship between Spain and France.

The main purpose of organizing this network is the mutual research cooperation in Transportation and Routing with Environmental Assessment in order to write a proposal to be submitted to any public call for projects in Spain, France or Europe. Thus, the immediate goal of this network is to obtain the appropriate feedback between the research groups in Spain and France to submit a proposal in the next call for projects of the Work Community of the Pyrenees-CTP. Furthermore, other options to obtain funding to develop our conjoint research would be the national calls for projects in Spain and France, and the corresponding calls in the European Union.


Universidad Pública de Navarra - http://www.unavarra.es/
Ecole Nationale de l´Aviation Civile - http://www.enac.fr/
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya - http://www.uoc.edu/
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - http://www.upc.edu/
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona - http://www.uab.es/