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What is CoDeS?

CoDeS is a middleware for building contributory communities, i.e., a community formed by a set of computers (resources) and its owners. It allows users to contribute a part of their computational resources to a community. These resources are used to host services for the benefit of the community. Each owner contributes one or more machines to the community, and can disconnect them from the community at any moment. Members of the community can also deploy services, specifying their execution requirements (a certain amount of CPU, RAM, disk, etc., needed for a single replica of the service), the files needed for execution (both executables and data files) and the number of replicas that should be available.

CoDeS manages the available resources autonomously to keep the services available, provided that there are enough resources to host the desired number of replicas of each deployed service.

CoDeS is developed by the Distributed, Parallel and Colaborative Systems (DPCS) group at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.