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HorNet is a microblogging service for contributory social networks. We propose the use of non-dedicated resources to form a contributory social network, supported exclusively by the resources (CPU, network and storage) owned and voluntarily contributed by its members. These computers form a decentralized peer-to-peer network where resources are used collectively to constitute a platform where HorNet components are deployed dynamicaclly. Users are free to decide when and which resources to contribute, maintaining their freedom and ownership of their computers while accessing and supporting a service which is collectively maintained and owned.

HorNet is a web based application whose core runs as a set of CoDeS services. It has two main parts:

  • HorNet web container: provides HorNet functionality to users. It might be locally installed in the user's computer or deployed as a CoDeS service accessible by any HorNet user. HorNet web containers deployed as CoDeS services allow users to access HorNet from third computers (such as at work or from an Internet caf\'e) or other devices (such as mobile phone). Its number of replicas will depend on the number of users that access HorNet from devices that do not have CoDeS installed locally.
  • HorNet core: implements HorNet core functionality in a decentralized manner. It consists of a set of services which are deployed on top of CoDeS.

Currently, HorNet is still an ongoing project. We provide a very primitive prototype implementation of the service deployed over PlanetLab resources in order to show the feasibility of this kind of platform.

HorNet, a microblogging service for contributory social networks