Large-scale Distributed Systems

We are interested in the design and development of large-scale distributed systemChord_networks based on non-dedicated resources, that are voluntarily contributed by the participants in the system. Currently, we are involved in the following projects: Garlanet (a Twitter-like decetralized microbogging social network) and LSim (a tool for testing applications or protocols in a set of distributed computers). Contact: Dr. Joan Manuel Marquès (jmarquesp(@)

Collaborative Learning Systems

We investigatCollaborative Learning Systemse issues concerning Computer-Mediated Collaboration and Learning within an Adaptive, Interactive, Personalized, Emotion and Context-aware Environment, the design of an integrated model of cognitive e-assessment based on emotional-affective aspects, as well as the development of a live and effective Learning Organization that provides better professional development through collaboration, adaptive training and support in the work place. Contact: Dr. Atanasi  Daradoumis (adaradoumis(@)

Optimization Algorithms for Smart Logistics & Production

We develop metaheuristic algorithms for supporting complex decisiotransportationn-making processes in different fields, including: transportation & logistics, smart cities, Internet computing, production systems, finance, etc. In particular, our simheuristic algorithms combine metaheuristic optimization, simulation, and parallelization techniques to efficiently deal with uncertainty issues in real-life scenarios. Contact: Dr. Angel A. Juan (ajuanp(@)